Our Governance

PARM is governed by a Steering Committee, an Advisory Committee and the Secretariat. These bodies ensure that PARM activities respond to its founding objectives and deliver good quality and neutral assistance

Our Donors

Strategic Partner

Structure, Institutional Setup and Governance

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of the four contributing donors EC, AFD, Italian Development Cooperation, IFAD and NEPAD as the major strategic partner in Africa. The Steering Committee has the authority to make budgetary decisions and meets three times per year.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of key partners on implementation, private sector, cooperation, knowledge and farmers organizations. It meets annually and provides technical advice to PARM. Currently, the Advisory Committee is composed of: AGRHYMET, AGRINATURA, CARGILL, COMESA, EAGC, ECOWAS, FAO, MUNICH-RE, ROPPA, WFP and WORLD BANK.


The Secretariat. Established in September 2014 and hosted by IFAD, is responsible for managing the programme and implementing the PARM process, liaising with clients, donors and partners and linking them with service providers/practitioners who have specific expertise in aricultural risk management (ARM). For the African continent, the PARM Secretariat is working in strategic partnership with NEPAD, which has been establishing since 2011 an Agriculture and Food Insecurity Risk Management (AFIRM) initiative within the CAADP framework in collaboration with various partners.

PARM will also closely coordinate and cooperate with additional partners from development organizations, private sector, universities and research institutes.